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Chapter 4: Geometry TE - Differentiated Instruction

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Geometry- Teacher’s Edition- Differentiated Instruction


Differentiated Instruction is a term that teachers often hear regarding instructing and successfully educating students. In the context of this teacher’s edition, differentiated instruction refers to instruction that does not simply present material, but works to engage every student through multiple methods. As educators, we know that students all learn in different ways whether it is visually or kinesthetically or interpersonally. Today, there are also many students who come into our classrooms with learning challenges that are not addressed by traditional teaching methods. Differentiated instruction is about reaching each one of these different learners. In our classrooms, students can have multiple options for learning new ideas and concepts, while teachers can utilize many methods of presenting these ideas to the students. Differentiated instruction can assist all students in using their gifts and talents to learn, and as educators, we can assist students in developing and discovering these gifts and talents. By providing students with things like flexible grouping, projects and interactive activities, our students will become the active explorers of the information presented. This flexbook is designed to be a guide for you, the educator to assist you in differentiating the material in this geometry text. There are many suggestions and ideas in this flexbook, not all of them are meant to be incorporated into every lesson. Select those things that work best for you and your students so that the world of mathematics can really come to life.

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Feb 22, 2012

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Apr 29, 2014
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