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Chapter 3: Geometry TE - Enrichment

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Geometry- Teacher’s Edition- Enrichment Jen Kershaw

The goal of an enrichment section is just what is implied in the title, “to enrich.” By enrichment, we mean something that breathes a new or different life into something else- to make it better to enliven it. This is the goal of this branch of the teacher’s edition. This is an opportunity for you and your students to locate and explore the wonderful world of geometry in other subjects such as architecture or music or art. It is a chance for students to see how the world of mathematics can connect to other subjects that they are passionate about.

Our goal is that using this Enrichment Flexbook will help you to expand your own personal creativity as well as the creativity of your students. The projects/topics in this flexbook can be used in several different ways. They can be used as a discussion point, an example to highlight during a lesson, a project to expand on whether students complete the project in class or at home or as a way to broaden student thinking by using a web search once per week as an example. It is not the intention that every single lesson be used in this flexbook. Take what inspires you and use it to inspire your students. Isn’t that what the world of mathematics is all about!

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