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8.2: Using Cardiovascular Health – Student Edition (Human Biology)

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Begin this section with Activity 7-1: Pulse Rate to help students focus on their own pulse.

Review the vocabulary terms listed in this section.

Draw students' attention to the key ideas using means such as posters and/or overhead transparencies.

Assign Mini Activity: Your Target Heart-Rate Zone.

Discuss the question, “How can I keep my heart strong and my arteries clean and clear?”

Complete Mini Activity: Risk Profile to help students apply knowledge of good cardiovascular health.

Assign students to construct a food pyramid for themselves similar to the one in Figure 7.4. Discuss the pyramids they construct.

Time permitting select from Enrichment and Projects. Mini Activity: Sources of Stress is a good activity to determine ways to deal with stressful situations. Enrichment 7-1: Cardiovascular Disease Risk Scoring is a good activity for reinforcing the need to determine potential risks students are now taking and ways to improve their own life-long health.

Throughout and at the end of the section, refocus students' attention to the key ideas.

What Do You Think?

Do you think teenagers take more risks than other age groups? Why or why not?

A suggested response will be provided upon request. Please send an email to teachers-requests@ck12.org.

What can happen if cells don't receive enough oxygen?

Your Target Heart-Rate Zone Students find their target heart-rate zone. Reviewing the formula can be helpful.

  1. Subtract your age from \begin{align*}220\end{align*}220.
  2. Multiply this number by \begin{align*}60\;\mathrm{percent} \ (0.60)\end{align*}60percent (0.60). This is the low end of your zone.
  3. Multiply the number from Step 1 by \begin{align*}85\;\mathrm{percent} \ (0.85)\end{align*}85percent (0.85). This is the high end of your zone.
  4. Can you find the middle of your zone? Use \begin{align*}75\;\mathrm{percent}\end{align*} as an estimate of the middle.

Why does aerobic exercise help you develop and maintain cardiovascular fitness?

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