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2.2: Using Why Do We Eat? – Student Edition (Human Biology)

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Begin by assigning and then discussing the Journal Writing regarding favorite foods.

Introduce and begin Activity 1-1: Are You What You Eat?

Assign Mini Activity: Choices Are Everywhere and relate it to the food choices students make each day.

Assign Mini Activity: Write an Advertisement in which students design an appealing ad for a fruit or vegetable.

Emphasize the relationship between a food and a food nutrient and the six nutrient groups.

Assign the Journal Writing relating to fats in the diet and the Journal Writing relating to vitamin supplements.

Assign the Journal Writing relating to vitamin deficiencies.

Introduce and complete Activity 1-2: What's in Your Food?

Draw students' attention to the key ideas using means such as posters and overhead transparencies.

Select appropriate Projects and Interdisciplinary Connections to complete if time permits.

Use the Apply Your Knowledge and Review Questions in reviewing the section.

What are your most favorite things to eat? Write them down. Then write a paragraph or two about whether or not you think your preferred diet is healthy. After you finish this unit, review your list and what you wrote to see if your views have changed.

Choices Are Everywhere Students generate a list of choices that they face each day, including food choices, and share them with the class.

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