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7.2: Using Staying Healthy – Student Edition (Human Biology)

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Assign Mini Activity: Your Target Heart-Rate Zone.

Discuss results of Mini Activity: How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Assign Mini Activity: Sources of Stress.

Assign Activity 6-1: You Are the Food Expert.

Draw students' attention to the key ideas using means such as posters and overhead transparencies.

Select appropriate Projects to complete if time permits.

Use the Apply Your Knowledge and Review Questions in reviewing the section.

What Do You Think?

Is a taste for particular foods something you are born with or something you acquire from your family and culture?

Your Target Heart-Rate Zone Students calculate their target heart-rate zone.

How Much Sleep Do You Need? For two weeks students keep track of how much sleep they get and note their physical and energy levels for each day. They then check to see if there is a correlation between amount of sleep and energy level.

Sources of Stress Students make a list of things that cause them stress and how they handle stress. They analyze their lists to suggest ways to reduce their stress.

Using your knowledge of the digestive system, think of a slogan that promotes keeping your digestive system healthy.

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