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10.2: Using Human Population Growth – Student Edition (Human Biology)

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Begin by discussing the main question posed at the beginning of the section, “How do humans affect other species?”

Define the term population and discuss ways to increase (birthrate or immigration) or decrease (death rate or emigration) the size of a human population.

Highlight the graph in Figure 9.1 to illustrate the dramatic increase in human population in the last 30 years. Assign What Do You Think? on page 56 so students can discuss the data presented in the graph.

Assign Activity 9-1: Brush Rabbit Boom. A brief review of graphing would be helpful before students begin the activity.

What Do You Think?

How many people do you trunk the world needs? Did we have enough in 1900? In 1950? Do we still need more people? Explain your reasoning.

A suggested response will be provided upon request. Please send an email to teachers-requests@ck12.org.

What is the population size of your class? Your school? Your town?

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