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12.1: Planning

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Key Idea

  • Biological diversity is the variety of living organisms that occurs at all levels of life including the levels of genes, species, and habitats.


The previous section focused on the global impact of acid rain and the greenhouse effect on the environment. This section introduces the topic of biodiversity and explores the many levels at which it exists. Students examine the biodiversity of their local area by observing the diversity of living organisms, recording data, and interpreting the data. In addition, students analyze the reduction of biodiversity by interpreting graphs. Finally, students evaluate the importance of biodiversity in their own lives.



define the terms biological diversity, species diversity, and extinction crisis.

identify and give examples of three levels of biological diversity: habitat diversity, species diversity, and genetic diversity.

describe the correlation between human population growth and species extinctions.

explain the importance of biodiversity.


aesthetics, biological diversity (biodiversity), diversity, endangered, ethics, extinct, gene, habitat, species

Student Materials

Activity 11-1: Expedition to the Kalimantan Rain Forest

  • Resource 1
  • Resource 2
  • Activity Report
  • Marking pens, colored pencils, crayons; Paper; Maps, drawings, photographs of the rain forests of Indonesia

Teacher Materials

Activity 11-1: Expedition to the Kalimantan Rain Forest

  • Activity Report Answer Key
  • Maps, drawings, photographs of the rain forests of Indonesia (optional)

Advance Preparation

See Activity 11-1 in the Student Edition.

Interdisciplinary Connections

Math Students analyze graphs in Enrichment 11-2.

Enrichment Activities

Enrichment 11-1: Measuring Species Diversity

Students learn how to measure the species diversity of an area by observing, recording data, and interpreting data in an outdoor area at their school.

Enrichment 11-2: Extinction Crisis

Students analyze and compare two graphs. One graph shows the rapidly increasing rate of species extinctions in the world. The second graph shows the rapidly increasing rate of human population growth.

Enrichment 11-3: How Do You Value Biodiversity?

Students become more aware of what they value in nature by answering questions about the impact and importance of other living things on their lives. Students decide what kinds of organisms are important to them and why.

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