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14.2: Using Conclusion: You and the Environment – Student Edition (Human Biology)

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Begin by discussing the main question posed at the beginning of the section, “What is your environment and how is it related to ecology?” Encourage students to draw from everything they've learned in their study of ecology and relate it to this question.

Assign Project #1, Question 4: Ecology in the News. Ask students to bring in news articles related to. ecology and the environment. Encourage them to look critically at what is written and who wrote it. Ask them to apply what they now know about ecological concepts to the articles they review. Consider making this project an ongoing project for the rest of the year.

Assign Activity 13-1: Map Your Environment, Revisited as a closing activity or as a homework assignment. Most importantly, have students compare their original maps from Section 1 to their new, more informed maps. Ask them to look at what they learned and at how their attitudes have changed as they worked through this unit.

Find a newspaper article that is related to the topics you've studied in this ecology unit. Write a letter to the author of the article. Include in the letter what you think he or she should have included about ecology in the article to make it more thorough. Explain to the author what questions are left unanswered that could be researched.

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