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7.2: Using Expressing Dominant and Recessive Genes – Student Edition (Human Biology)

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Draw students' attention to the key ideas by using posters or overhead transparencies.

Begin this section with Mini Activities: Family Pedigree One and Family Pedigree Two, followed by a discussion of student's results.

Introduce express ion of dominant and recessive alleles by completing Mini Activity: Dominant and Recessive Alleles.

Follow up with Activity 6-1: Expression: Dominant and Recessive.

You may want to explain how to use Punnett squares in solving genetics problems to prepare students for completing the Apply Your Knowledge question dealing with Punnett squares.

Emphasize that the Punnett square is used to predict the genotype and phenotype probabilities for each offspring.

Select appropriate Projects if time permits.

At the end of the section refocus students' attention on the key ideas.

Family Pedigree One Students examine a family pedigree on hair color variation and answer a series of questions about the pattern of inheritance of red hair across four generations.

Family Pedigree Two Students create a family tree or pedigree given information on a married couple and their successive generations of children and grandchildren.

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