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2.2: Using Continuity and Diversity – Student Edition (Human Biology)

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Draw students' attention to the key ideas by using posters or overhead transparencies.

Introduce this topic with the Mini Activity: Human Variations.

Assign Mini Activities: Eye Variation and Wrist Variation as a prelude to a discussion of diversity.

Point out the role of the environment in influencing variations in humans.

Complete Activity 1-1: Fingerprinting,

Discuss the Mini Activity: Peanut Sort.

Review the big ideas of this section by discussing student answers to the Review Questions.

Consider beginning Activity 8-1: Investigating the Human Genome Project, so students can share their information throughout this unit.

Select appropriate Projects if time permits.

At the end of the section refocus students' attention on the key ideas.

A suggested response will be provided upon request. Please send an email to teachers-requests@ck12.org.

Identify each of the following as a trait or a variation.

  1. Parrot has feathers.
  2. Cat has a striped coat.
  3. Geranium plant has flowers.
  4. Chris has two arms.
  5. Dog has droopy ears.
  6. Rosebush has thorns.
  7. Jamie has freckles.

Peanut Sort Students select a peanut (with shell) and describe its shape, weight, or any other distinguishing characteristics. They mix their peanut with five others and then with an entire bowl of peanuts and attempt to distinguish their peanut from the rest.

Human Variations Students observe their classmates and answer several questions related to their observations.

Eye Variation Students measure the width from the outside corner of one eye to the outside corner of the other eye and include this measurement on a class chart. As an extension they may also graph the eye width measurements for the entire class to display the variations.

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