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3.2: Using Cells and Chromosomes – Student Edition (Human Biology)

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Draw students' attention to the key ideas by using posters or overhead transparencies.

Begin this section by discussing the first paragraph to see if students know the meaning of these six words: geneticist, explain, predict, inheritance, traits, and variations.

Review the parts of a cell as a way of introducing the term chromosome.

Introduce Activity 2-1: Karyotyping-i-A Chromosome Portrait by discussing the meaning of the term karyotype.

Assign journal Writing that deals with karyotype.

Review the big ideas of this section by discussing student answers to the Review Questions.

Select appropriate Projects if time permits.

At the end of the section refocus students' attention on the key ideas.

Genetics in the News Students collect current articles relating to genetics. This is an ongoing activity throughout the unit.

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