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8.3: Additional Resources

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Research Foundations

Brain Briefings, Free monthly letter published by the Society For Neuroscience.

Society for Neuroscience

11 Dupont Circle, Northwest Suite 500

Washington, DC 20036

(202) 462-6688

Decade of the Brain: Answers Through Scientific Research (National Institutes of Health; Publication #88-2957).


National Foundation for Brain Research

3050 K Street, N.W., Suite 310

Washington, DC 20007

(202) 293-5453

Brain Facts: A Primer on the Brain and the Nervous System. Published by the Society for Neuroscience (Second Edition, 1993). Brain Concepts series and Brain Briefing series are an extension of the Brain Facts booklet, in which individual topics are summarized in 2 to 4 pages. Can request additional materials on “Teaching Neuroscience to Children.”


Society for Neuroscience

11 Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 500

Washington, DC 20036

(202) 462-6688

BrainLink: Exploration in Neuroscience. Booklets published by Baylor College of Medicine. Stories and activities to teach neuroscience at the Elementary Level.


Judith Dresden, M.S.

Assistant Professor

Division of School-Based Programs

Baylor College of Medicine, MEDT 545

1709 Dryden, Houston, TX 77030

(713) 798-8205



“Atoms to Anatomy: A Multimedia View of Human Systems” ©1992 Videodiscovery, Inc.

Section on the Nervous System; Detail on Vision and Hearing.


Videodiscovery, Inc.

(800) 548-3472

VHS Tape

1. The Brain: Our Universe Within ©1994 Discovery Communications, Inc.

Excellent 3-part VHS Series: Great animations and narration; clear presentation Tape #1: “Evolution and Perception”; Tape #2: “Memory and Renewal”; Tape #3: “Matter over Mind.”

2. The Mystery of the Senses ©1995 NOVA.

A five-part series emphasizing the cultural and historical aspects of the senses. Segments are “Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Vision.” Narrated by Diane Ackerman; based on her book of the same title.


A.D.A.M.-Inside Story ©1994 ADAM Software, Inc.

A.D.A.M.-Essentials ©1994 ADAM Software, Inc.

Probably the best anatomy material currently on the market. Subdivided by systems of the body: Includes the Nervous System. Loaded with detail. Good interface design. A teacher resource guide is provided with Essentials. Inside Story is available at local software distributors.


A.D.A.M. Software, Inc.

1600 RiverEdge Parkway

Suite 800

Atlanta, GA 30328

(404) 980-0888

World Book Encyclopedia 1997, World Book Inc.

Other Commercial Software

“BodyWorks v 3.0” ©1994 Software Marketing Corporation

Excellent graphic detail; navigation is easy. Like A.D.A.M., material is organized by systems of the body. Includes Nervous System.


“Neurosciences on the Internet.” Excellent compilation of resources.

URL: http://www.lm.com-nab


Neil A Busis, Ph.D.

E-mail: nab@telerama.lm.com

Society of Neuroscience

National Institute of Mental Health

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