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Key Ideas

  • Decision making is a life-long skill that you can use in the simplest or the most complex decisions you need to make.
  • Good decisions come from understanding and recognizing all the choices that are available, choosing one that best suits your life at the time, and following through with the decision.
  • The most important element in good decision making is confidence in oneself, and that confidence is something you can build through many opportunities to make decisions on your own.


This section presents a decision-making process to students. Obstacles to good decision making are identified and ways of handling those obstacles are addressed. The final activity in this unit focuses on applying the decision-making process to situations in students' lives.



\checkmark examine a six-step decision-making process.

\checkmark practice decision-making skills on a real problem.


None required

Student Materials

Activity 9-1: Effective Decision Making

  • Paper and pencil

Teacher Materials

Activity 9-1: Effective Decision Making

  • None required

Advance Preparation

None required

Interdisciplinary Connections

Language Arts Discussion groups help students develop communication skills and can lead to essay or journal writing.

Social Studies Students can try applying the decision making process to a problem they identify in society.

Background Information

After all is said and done, the topic of this unit is by far the most difficult to teach. It is also the most difficult for students to implement in their lives. The reason for this is that making decisions is hardly ever purely rational, especially in the case of young people. They often do not know what they want, or they want different things at different times.

As teachers, we can inform, instruct, and guide, but ultimately each person must make their own choices, and we need to respect their right to do so, but also they must be willing to live with the consequences.

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