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6.2: Using Adolescent Pregnancy – Student Edition (Human Biology)

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Begin by asking the students what they have planned to do for fun this week. Then ask them how their plans would be changed if they were a teenage parent.

Assign the reading on Why Adolescents Become Pregnant and The Psychology of Adolescent Pregnancy.

Conduct Activity 5-1: Why Do Adolescents Become Pregnant?

Assign the reading on the effects of Adolescent Pregnancy.

Conduct Activity 5-2: Problems of Being a Mother and Father.

End the section by asking students to list all the things they would like to accomplish and all the goals they would like to have reached before becoming parents.

Teen Pregnancy Rates-A Little Math Work Students use the numbers in Figure 5.1 to create a bar graph and to calculate how many of the 9 million teenagers who engage in sex, use contraception.

What Do You Think?

Since it is so hard for adolescents to raise a child, why do you think many more of them don't give up their babies for adoption?

What Do You Think?

Why do you think children of adolescent mothers have a higher chance of becoming teenage mothers themselves? What could prevent this from happening?

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