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8.2: Using Contraception – Student Edition (Human Biology)

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Begin by reinforcing the message from the last section, that abstinence is the only certain way to ensure that pregnancy will not occur. Explain that if a person chooses to be sexually active, and still does not wish to become a parent, it is essential to practice contraception consistently to minimize the risk.

Assign the reading up to Activity 7-1: What Will They Choose?

Conduct Activity 7-1: What Will They Choose?

Explain that not all contraceptives are equally effective, or equally appropriate for a particular situation.

Assign the reading of the rest of the section.

Conduct Activity 7-2: Review of Methods.

End by asking students what the only certain way to avoid pregnancy is.

Mixed Messages Students spend a week evaluating the messages about sex that they come across in one week. They draw conclusions and share with the class.

A suggested response will be provided upon request. Please send an email to teachers-requests@ck12.org.

What is the difference between an unplanned and an unwanted pregnancy?

What is the difference between contraception and abortion?

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