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10.2: Using Making Decisions – Student Edition (Human Biology)

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Begin by asking students about how they would rate themselves on a risk-taking scale of 1-10, (with 1 being cautious and 10 being reckless) when they are talking about physical activity, such as bike riding or hang gliding. Ask them to apply the same scale to themselves when the activity centers around making friends.

Assign the first part of the section on how risk-taking behavior affects sexual health.

Ask if they have heard the term safe sex. Explain that a more accurate term would be safer sex. Read the section on safer sex. Discuss the reasons that adolescents sometimes have a hard time realizing the possible consequences of risk.

Conduct Activity 9-1: Risk Taking and Sexual Coercion.

Risk Students look up the meaning of risk and create a chart that includes the kinds of risks that exist in their lives and how they would categorize them.

What Do You Think?

What kinds of jobs involve risk taking on a daily basis? Can you think of some examples?

What Do You Think?

When you think about it, everything you do carries some element of risk. Think of behaviors as if they are listed on a risk spectrum. At one end are behaviors with virtually no risk. At the other end are those behaviors that are extremely risky. What differentiates high-risk behavior from low-risk behavior? What one element allows you to sort behaviors according to risk?

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