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3.2: Using Dating and Romantic Feelings – Student Edition (Human Biology)

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Begin the unit by explaining that one of the changes in friendship that is brought about by the changes of puberty and adolescence is the beginning of special friendships with members of the opposite sex that lead to dating.

Discuss the positive things that can be learned about relationships by dating. Then complete Activity 2-1: Scripts for Dating, which involves role-playing good and bad dates.

Point out that sexual attractiveness is only one part of what draws people together. Ask students how big a role they think looks should play in a relationship. Have students complete Activity 2-2: Judging People by Their Looks.

The reading selection on romantic feelings and the definitions of love introduces several new terms that should be discussed and clarified.

Activity 2-3: What Happens When You Are in Love? is a way for students to demonstrate that they understand that not all love is the same type.

End the section by asking the students to use the triangle in Figure 2.1 on page 13 to talk about the various forms of love.

What Do You Think?

Who should do the asking for a date-the girl or the boy? Does it matter?

Me Call? No Way! Students brainstorm ways to make arranging and going on dates more fun and relaxing.

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