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7.2: Using Sexually transmitted Diseases – Student Edition (Human Biology)

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Begin by defining STD for the class.

Read the introductory material on what they are and how they are transmitted, which includes a case study of two students named Chris and Neeley.

Have students complete Activity 6-1: What to Say and How, an activity that places them in the roles of Chris and Neeley.

Assign the section on the causes and symptoms of STDs. Be prepared for strong reactions to the pictures. Teenagers are often much more affected by signs of disease and illness than they are by thoughts of death, which seems impossible to them.

Stress that it is important for anyone who might have an STD to seek immediate medical treatment.

End the section with Activity 6-2: STD Handshake. This is a very graphic way of demonstrating that when you have sex with one person, you are affected by everyone else that person may have had intimate relations with. It clearly shows how disease spreads and how prevention can limit, and abstinence can eliminate, your risk of getting an STD.

  • A suggested response will be provided upon request. Please send an email to teachers-requests@ck12.org.

Why are young people so much more at risk for acquiring STOs than older age groups? (See Did You Know? on same page.)

  • Chris realizes he has to tell both his girlfriend Neeley and his old girlfriend Terry that he is infected. What are two reasons why he has to tell them?
  • If a person has sex with more than one partner, whose sexual histories are not known, what method of contraception provides the best protection against STDs?

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