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9.1: Planning

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Key Ideas

  • Moral beliefs are either absolute (constant over time and situation) or relative (situation dependent).
  • Most moral principles come from principles laid out in the foundations of religious beliefs. As a result, people from different religions may have different moral principles.
  • Sexual behavior is closely linked to moral principles about how we should treat ourselves and others.


This section deals with moral beliefs regarding sexuality. The distinction is made between absolute and relative moral principles. Religious and secular values are discussed, as is the relationship between the law and morality. Students learn that they must apply their moral principles to any decision-making process. A six-step decision process is explained and students apply mis process to a series of questions regarding behavior. The activity for me unit is a group discussion during which decisions are made for several scenarios-each one from a different moral point of view.



distinguish between absolute and relative moral beliefs.

identify me six elements of healthy decision making.


absolute moral beliefs, moral beliefs, relative moral principles

Student Materials

Activity 8-1: Deciding for Yourself

  • Activity Report

Teacher Materials

Activity 8-1: Deciding for Yourself

  • Activity Report Answer Key

Advance Preparation

See Activity 8-1 in me student edition.

Interdisciplinary Connections

Language Arts Discussion groups help students develop communication skills and can lead to essay or journal writing.

Social Studies Philosophy and religion are integral to all cultures. Their impact on society is discussed briefly and could be expanded. The link between religion and laws is also a related topic.

Background Information

Morality is addressed toward the end of this unit, but it should not be seen as a tail-end detail. Arguably, it is the most critical issue on which the whole edifice of responsible behavior rests.

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