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9.3: Activities and Answer Keys

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Activity 8-1: Deciding for Yourself


Summary In this activity students consider three points of view as an adolescent grapples with the decision to abstain from sex or to become sexually active.



\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} analyze the pros and cons of each point of view.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} determine that there is more than one way to view a situation and that it becomes a personal choice.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} identify decision-making skills they can apply to their own lives.

Student Materials

  • Activity Report

Teacher Materials

  • Activity Report Answer Key

Advance Preparation

Make one copy of the Activity Report for each group you create.

Estimated Time 40 minutes

Interdisciplinary Connections

This activity has connections to Guidance/Health. It can be expanded to include

Language Arts Have students use mass media resources to select situations in which people are faced daily with decisions that challenge their morals. They can analyze and write a report on the moral code of the people in the news and try to determine what point of view they are coming from. How would the student handle the same situation based on the point of view of the student? (You might point out that analyzing a person's motivation is different from judging that person. Students do not have access to all the facts.)

Social Studies Have students research the moral views of different cultures on topics such as marriage, capital punishment, abortion, infidelity, manhood training, homosexuality, etc.

Prerequisites and Background Information

Students should have a working definition of moral behavior-what is right and wrong in the way one behaves.


Introduce Activity 8-1 by reading the introduction in the text with the students. Make sure they know the concept that having a certain viewpoint influences the decisions that we make.

Steps 1-3 Divide the class into groups of about 4-5 students each. Give each group an Activity Report and review the terms that are defined at the top of the sheet. Each group will consider each of the three points of view and report their conclusions to the class. Write the pros and cons under each point of view on the chalkboard.

Conclude Activity 8-1 by asking students to silently state their own view to themselves and to identify three reasons they would give to support their stand.


Use the responses on the Activity Report and the class discussions to assess if students can

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} analyze a situation.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} explain different points of view.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} identify decision-making skills they can apply to their lives.

Activity 8-1: Deciding for Yourself – Activity Report Answer Key

  • Sample answers to these questions will be provided upon request. Please send an email to teachers-requests@ck12.org to request sample answers.

These points could be included

I. Marriage-based view



II. Love-based view:



III. Pleasure-based view:



Write a letter to an adult (parent, trusted adult, religious official) expressing your moral beliefs. If there are questions or concerns you still have not resolved for yourself, ask them for advice.

Review Questions/Answers

  • Sample answers to these questions will be provided upon request. Please send an email to teachers-requests@ck12.org to request sample answers.
  1. What is the difference between absolute and relative beliefs?
  2. How are moral beliefs and religious beliefs linked?
  3. What three questions do you need to consider when determining your own sexual practices?
  4. What factors contribute to healthy sexual behavior?
  5. What are the elements of good decision making?

Activity 8-1 Report: Deciding for Yourself (Student Reproducible)

An adolescent grapples with the decision about whether to continue practicing abstinence or to become sexually active. This person is open to different points of view, but wants to know the pros and cons of each. Your group will consider the pros and cons of each of the following points of view, and present your findings to this person so that the individual can make his or her own decision.

Definition of terms as used on this sheet

abstinence: will not engage in sexual intercourse

sexually active: will engage in sexual intercourse

marriage-based view: Premarital sexual intercourse is wrong.

love-based view: If one person loves the other person, sexual intercourse is permitted.

pleasure-based view: If sexual intercourse brings one enjoyment, then one should do it.

How would each group below feel about practicing abstinence or becoming sexually active?

I. Marriage-based view:

\begin{align*}\text{Pros} && \text{Cons}\end{align*}

II. Love-based view:

\begin{align*}\text{Pros} && \text{Cons}\end{align*}

III. Pleasure-based view:

\begin{align*}\text{Pros} && \text{Cons}\end{align*}

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