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4.3: Activities and Answer Keys

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Activity 3-1: Help! I'm Falling in Love


Summary In this activity students create emergency cards to carry with them. The cards identify how they want to be treated by a loving partner, what the warning signs of falling in love are, and cautions against being swayed by nonimportant things.



\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} identify how they should be treated by others in a loving relationship.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} identify the warning signs of falling in love.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} recognize that falling in love sometimes clouds our judgment.

Student Materials

  • Activity Report
  • Colored pencils or thin markers
  • Heavy white paper or construction paper
  • Scissors

Teacher Materials

  • Activity Report Answer Key
  • Sample card (Optional)

Advance Preparation

Gather supplies. If you wish, make a sample card to show students. If you want a more uniform result, have the papers precut to your specifications.

Estimated Time 40 minutes

Interdisciplinary Connections

This activity has connections to Guidance. It can be expanded to include:

Visual or Performing Arts Students could make a wall poster listing the warning signs of falling in love. Students could perform songs that warn about the dangers of falling in love.

Language Arts Have students write a story in which the main character has to use the emergency card to figure out if she/he is REALLY in love with the right person.

Social Studies Find out the history of Valentine's Day and how it has evolved.

Prerequisites and Background Information

None required


Introduce Activity 3-1 by asking students how they know when someone around them is head over heels in love. Do they behave rationally?

Steps 1-2 Assign or review Section 4 in the student text up to the section on Sexual Stimulation. Hand out the Activity Report. Go over the instructions in the student text with your class, asking for examples in each category. If you have your own specific requirements regarding the making of the card, tell the students.

Steps 3-5 As students make their list, circulate and answer questions while keeping them on task.

Steps 6-10 Check that the lists have been completed before directing students to the supplies needed to make the cards.

Conclude Activity 3-1 by having volunteers show their cards. Compare requirements and cautions. Is there a gender difference?


Use the completed emergency cards and responses on the Activity Report to assess if students can

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} recognize that falling in love can cloud good judgment.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} identify characteristics that are important in choosing a mate.

Activity 3-1: Help! I'm Falling in Love – Activity Report Answer Key

  • Sample answers to these questions will be provided upon request. Please send an email to teachers-requests@ck12.org to request sample answers.
  1. What I Want in a Mate Warning Signs of Falling in Love

What Do You Think?

Why is sex so awkward to talk about?

What Do You Think?

What are the most common erotic cues (sexual triggers that turn us on) in our culture? Do we react to such cues naturally, or do we learn to do so?

What Do You Think?

Should advertisers exploit the attention-getting power of erotic cues to sell their products? Give some examples of how advertisers exploit erotic cues to sell products.

What Do You Think?

If sexual arousal is a natural reaction, why does it cause some people to feel embarrassment or guilt?

Even fairy tales talk about love, only their focus is more romantic than sexual. What romantic fantasy is typical in fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella? How do these compare with “modern” love stories? How do they compare with reality? Write a modern-day, “romantic fairy tale.”

What Do You Think?

Do you think masturbation should be promoted to adolescents as an alternative to sexual intercourse? Why or why not?

You have just found out that someone you know and respect is homosexual. You have always seen this person as being very heterosexual. You're quite surprised and need to sort through your feelings before you see this person again. Write a diary entry to yourself or a letter to your friend exploring your thoughts and attitudes.

Review Questions/Answers

  • Sample answers to these questions will be provided upon request. Please send an email to teachers-requests@ck12.org to request sample answers.
  1. Is the sexual drive correlated with or caused by hormones? Explain.
  2. How does human sexual behavior differ from animal sexual behavior?
  3. Draw a diagram showing the relationship of sexual arousal, sexual response, and the physical and psychological components. Explain what sexual response to arousal includes.
  4. What are some examples of erotic cues?
  5. Describe three solitary sexual behaviors and the role they play in a person's life.
  6. How is sexual orientation determined?

Activity 3-1 Report: Help! I'm Falling in Love (Student Reproducible)

What I Want in a Mate Warning Signs of Falling in Love

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