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1.2: Acknowledgments

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Stanford University

H. Craig Heller-Lorry I. Lokey/Business Wire Professor of Biological Sciences, Professor of Human Biology, Chair, Department of Biological Sciences and Associate Dean of Research-Principal Investigator

Herant Katchadourian-Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Human Biology-Project Steering Committee

Mary L. Kiely-Senior Academic and Research Program Officer, Program in Human Biology-Project Director

S. Shirley Feldman-Senior Lecturer, Program in Human Biology and Senior Scientist, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences-Project Steering Committee

Teacher Consultants/Curriculum Developers

Heidi Ballard-Stanford Program in Human Biology (1991-93), Henry M. Gunn High School, Palo Alto

Julie Bianchini-Stanford School of Education (1991- 95), University of California, Santa Barbara

Marjorie Gray-Egan Intermediate School, Los Altos

Nicole Holthuis-Stanford School of Education

Geraldine Horsma-Henry M. Gunn High School, Palo Alto

Rachel Lotan-Stanford School of Education

Modell Marlow-Andersen-William H. Crocker Middle School (1991-95), Hillsborough City School District, Hillsborough

Stan Ogren-Menlo-Atherton High School, Atherton (retired, 1997)

Susan Schultz-Menlo-Atherton High School, Atherton (1991-95), Stanford School of Education

Tami Warr-Corte Madera School, Portola Valley

Ken Whitcomb-William H. Crocker Middle School, Hillsborough (retired, 1996)

Faculty Authors

Rob Blair-Stanford Center for Conservation Biology, Department of Biological Sciences (1994-95) Department of Zoology, Miami University of Ohio

Angelo Collins-Stanford School of Education (1987- 90), School of Education, Vanderbilt University

William H. Durham-Program in Human Biology and Chair, Department of Anthropology

S. Shirley Feldman-Program in Human Biology and Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Hill Gates-Department of Anthropology

H. Craig Heller-Chair, Department of Biological Sciences and Professor, Program in Human Biology

Patricia P. Jones-Department of Biological Sciences, Chair (1993-97)

Herant Katchadourian-Program in Human Biology and Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

James V. Lawry-Program in Human Biology (1987-93)

Ellen Porzig-Program in Human Biology

Arthur Wolf-Department of Anthropology

Project Staff

Leah Meagher-Senior Project Assistant (1996-98)

Hao-Chau Tran, Susan Kalter and Tom Keating-Project Assistants (1990-96)

Tom McKean-Electronic Network (1993-95)

Lorraine Morgan-Associate Director (1987-93)

Beth Dungan-Research Assistant, Formative Evaluation (1992-95)

Test Site Middle Schools and Teacher Teams

Anson Jones Middle School-San Antonio, Texas

Linda Pruski, Carron Collier, Laura Boyd, Jennifer Perez, Leacy Piper, Elizabeth Godwin, Cynthia Smelser, Sherry Thompson, Etta Tricksey-Charles Burling, Principal (1991-95)

Azalea Gardens Middle School-Norfolk, Virginia

Margaret Finney, Kelly Graves, Betsy McAllister, Sundra Pitts, Michelle Eichenberg-Frank Steadman, Principal, Jeane Dughi, Science Coordinator

Central Park East Secondary School-New York, New York

Angelo Campanile, Nathan Tantleff, Mark Gordon, Aurea Hernandez-Webster, Judi Gimpelson, Bridgette Bellettiere, Debbie Smith-Debbie Meier, Principal (1991-93), Paul Schwarz, Principal

Dozier Middle School-Newport News, Virginia

Donna Harrison, Gay Meeks, Denise Fehrenbach, Chris Dawson-Steve Chantry, Principal (1991-94), Thomasena Woods, Science Supervisor, Diane Robinson, Hampton Roads University

Egan Intermediate School-Los Altos, California

Marjorie Gray, Leslie Crane, Cynthia Ford, Lenore Giguiere, Linda Glynn, Paul Gonella, John Barbano-Marianna Andersen, Principal (1991-93), Brenda Dyckman, Principal

East Lyme Middle School-Niantic, Connecticut

Creig Petersen, Joan Cole, Eunice Taylor, Karen Twitchell, Kathy Ceitanno, George Williams-jerry Belair, Principal

O'Farrell Community School-San Diego, California

Sherry Wachna, Mary Clauss, Irma Jones, Tara Solie, Liz Laughlin, Lenora Smith, Kathy Lathus, Barbara Munson-Bob Stein, Principal

Overland Trail Middle School-overland Trail, Kansas

Lynn Granger, Robin Hodges, Teresa Hogan, Jackie Lenz-Mary Gatewood, Principal (1991-93), Kathleen Currence, Principal, Sue Thompson, Director of Middle Level Education- Blue Valley School District

Picacho Middle School-Las Cruces, New Mexico

Freddie Dresp, Jimmie Lou Buescher, Starla Lester, Dorothy Weister, Sherman Betts-Erlinda Martinez, Principal, Kathryn Vigil, Assistant Principal, Bonnie Votaw, Curriculum Supervisor

St. Elizabeth Catholic School-Dallas, Texas

Ann Marie McDonnell, Carolyn Witte-Charles Cooper, Principal (1991-95), Thelma Cooper, Assistant Principal

South Oldham Middle School-Crestwood, Kentucky

Pamela Jett, Phyllis Vaughn, Diana Arnold, Holly Johnson, Nancy Souza, Cheryl McCall, Joanne Taylor-Michael Denny, Principal, Dan Ochs, University of Louisville, Betty Edwards, Director of Curriculum and Assessment, Kentucky State Department of Education

Wakulla Middle School-Crawfordville, Florida

Angie Williams, Li Anne Douglas, Margaret Worrell, Suzanne Edwards, Regina Strickland-Robert Myhre, Principal

William H. Crocker Middle School-Hillsborough, California

Modell Marlow-Andersen, Ken Whitcomb, Peter Martin, Donna Hower, Gary Lynes, Lisa Mandelbaum, Donna Izzo, Mary Fish, Steve Oshita-Marilyn Loushin-Miller, Principal (1991-92), Dan Kreuzer, Principal (1992-95)

Advisory Board Members

David A. Hamburg, Chair Carnegie Corporation of New York

Merton Bernfield Harvard Medical School

Gene Carter Association of Supervision & Curriculum Development

Gordon Cawelti Consultant in School Restructuring

Peter Cortese Centers for Disease Control

Betty Edwards National Middle School Association (1992-94) Kentucky State Department of Education

John W. Farquhar Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention

E. Harold Fisher National School Boards Association (1993)

William Foege Carter Center, Emory University

Paul DeHart Hurd Stanford School of Education

Laurel Kanthak National Association of Secondary School Principals

Joshua Lederberg The Rockefeller University

John Moore Department of Biology University of California, Riverside

M. Roy Schwarz American Medical Association

George Tressel Education Consultant

Former Members

William Hendee (1988-92) American Medical Association

Lloyd Kolbe (1988-92) Centers for Disease Control

Jeanette Phillips (1990-93) National Middle School Association

Leonard Rovins (1988-92) Summit, Rovins and Feldman

Robert Shockley (1988-90) National Middle School Association

Marshall Smith (1988-92) Stanford School of Education


The faculty, staff, and teachers of Stanford University's Human Biology Middle Grades Life Science Curriculum Project dedicate the publication of the HumBio Curriculum in memory of our colleagues and friends, Mrs. Donna Harrison and Dr. Mary Budd Rowe. Donna was the lead science teacher at Dozier Middle School, the project test site school in Newport News, Virginia. She was an outstanding teacher, a community leader, a devoted wife and mother, and a wonderful human being. Her involvement in the HumBio Project enriched the curriculum materials and brought great joy to our lives. Although her life ended suddenly and tragically, the inspiration she gave to all who knew her will live on in what we do to improve the education of children and youth. Mary Budd Rowe was our most distinguished science education colleague and our dear friend. She guided the early organizational stages of the project as a group of university scientists attempted to address issues of middle level science education. Her unbridled enthusiasm for the education of children always reminded us of the important purpose of our work. Mary continued her unwavering support of the HumBio curriculum until her passing in June of 1996.

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