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7.2: Using Gender Identity and Body Image – Student Edition (Human Biology)

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This section focuses on gender, how it impacts our behavior, and how our views about it are shaped.

Start by distinguishing between gender, gender role, and gender identity. As students complete Activity 6-1: Gender Differences, ask them to think about which elements are shaping their responses.

The topic of aggression is dealt with in detail. Read the section on aggression before beginning Activity 6-2: Behavior Differences. Make sure students learn that most behavior is learned behavior.

The last portion of this section deals with the anxiety produced by being either an early or late developer. Once again, reinforce the idea that there is a wide range of normal, but that by the end of puberty, many of the differences between them will have evened out. Conduct Activity 6-3: Who Me-Worry?

What Do You Think?

Can girls and boys be different in some ways, yet be treated as social equals?

What Do You Think?

Can you think of any social scripts that tell us how to behave in certain social situations? How do gender role expectations affect you in adolescence?

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