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9.2: Using Feeling about Good yourself – Student Edition (Human Biology)

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In the last section students addressed negative ways of dealing with self-image. In this section they concentrate on positive ways of dealing with stress and change. Start by asking students what positive things they do to regain control when the world seems to be too tough to deal with.

Read the material on Taking Care of Your Body. Have students give examples of ways they already do these things, or point out those suggestions that are hard to follow and examine why.

Conduct Activity 8-1: Healthy Bodies and Feeling Good. This might work well as a cooperative effort with the Language Arts class.

Read the material on self-esteem. Conclude with Activity 8-2: What Makes You Special?

Summarize the changes identified in the unit and ask students what they have learned about coping with those changes.

How Does What You Eat Make You Feel? Students keep a journal for a month and see how they feel and react to outside influences and internal functions.

Who Are You? Students choose the five most distinguishing characteristics they see about themselves. They then choose the five most distinguishing characteristics that they think others see about them.

Beauty from the Inside Students think about a boy and a girl at school who they feel are attractive. They identify the behavior traits and personality traits that make these people attractive. They then examine whether these traits are different for boys and girls.

The Messages You Send Students look around at people and examine what messages people send out about themselves and how they feel about themselves based on what they wear and how they use their natural features.

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