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4.2: Using Sexual Maturation – Student Edition (Human Biology)

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Tell students that this section focuses on the specific changes of puberty that are connected to sexual maturation, and that these are the changes that make it possible for them to reproduce.

Distinguish between primary and secondary sexual characteristics.

Introduce Activity 3-1: Changes in Girls during Puberty. Point out that the dark part of the band for menarche is small, not because everyone goes through it at the same time (the age range is 10-16), but because it is a single event. Other changes such as breast development start at one age, end at another, and are spread over time.

Complete the material on the changes that occur for girls, then point out that although they are not always as obvious, boys go through many changes at puberty as well.

Discuss the vocabulary terms related to male development before beginning Activity 3-2: Changes in Boys during Puberty. Tell them that this activity for boys is similar to the one they completed for girls.

Conduct Activity 3-3: Knowing about Each Other, and explain that it is important to understand how the changes that boys and girls are going through make them feel, so that they can react appropriately to one another.

Conclude the section by examining the factors that influence puberty and distinguishing between those factors over which they have no control and those over which they do have some control. End with Activity 3-4: Factors Influencing Puberty.

Word Origin: Menarche Students research the origin of the word menarche.

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How do animals distinguish male from female? Give some examples and describe secondary sexual characteristics.

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