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6.2: Using The Menstrual Cycle - Student Edition (Human Biology)

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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This section looks at the menstrual cycle in detail. Tell students that just as there are many things going on in their lives at the same time, there are also many things going on in their body simultaneously. The menstrual system is a complex feedback system.

Activity 5-1: How Does the Menstrual Cycle Work? demonstrates how the hormonal, ovarian, and menstrual cycles overlap and work together. This is an activity that will be difficult to do independently. It might be a good idea to group students who are knowledgeable about reading and interpreting charts and graphs with those who have less experience.

Have students read the material that describes the experience of menstruation.

How Thick Is the Uterine Lining? Students calculate by what percent the endometrium thickens during the menstrual cycle.

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