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6.3: Finding a Line of Best Fit

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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This activity is intended to supplement Algebra I, Chapter 5, Lesson 5.

ID: 8192

Time required: 35 minutes

Topic: Data Analysis & Probability

  • Represent and interpret data displayed in line graphs and scatterplots.
  • Display univariate data in a spreadsheet or table and determine the mean, mode, standard deviation, extrema and quartiles.

Activity Overview

Students make a scatter plot of heart rate versus age data and draw lines of best fit using three different methods—by hand, using the upper and lower quartiles, and using the calculator’s regression feature.

Teacher Preparation

  • This activity is appropriate for an Algebra 1 classroom. Students should have experience with sequences of positive exponents.

Classroom Management

  • This activity is intended to be teacher-led with students in small groups. You should seat your students in pairs so they can work cooperatively on their handhelds. You may use the Student Worksheet to present the material to the class and encourage discussion.
  • The student worksheet is intended to guide students through the main ideas of the activity. It also serves as a place for students to record their answers. Alternatively, you may wish to have the class record their answers on separate sheets of paper, or just use the questions posed to engage a class discussion.

Associated Materials

See the student worksheet on specific directions on how to complete this activity.

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