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7.2: Properties of Trapezoids and Isosceles Trapezoids

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

This activity is intended to supplement Geometry, Chapter 6, Lesson 5.

ID: 9084

Time required: 25 minutes

Topic: Quadrilaterals & General Polygons

  • Prove and apply theorems about the properties of rhombuses, kites and trapezoids.

Activity Overview

A trapezoid is a quadrilateral where one pair of sides is parallel while the other two sides are not. In an isosceles trapezoid the non-parallel sides are congruent. In this activity we will attempt to create an isosceles trapezoid from an ordinary trapezoid, then approach the problem in a different manner and finally, examine the properties of trapezoids.

Teacher Preparation

This activity is designed to be used in a middle-school or high-school geometry classroom.

Associated Materials

Classroom Management

  • This activity is intended to be mainly teacher-led, with breaks for individual student work. Use the following pages to present the material to the class and encourage discussion. Students will follow along using their graphing calculators.
  • See the student worksheet on how to complete this activity.

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