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8.3: Appendix C - Calculator Help

Created by: Heather Haney
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This appendix is not meant to be a full guide for calculators common to students who take this course. Rather, it is intended to highlight some of the key procedures used on a variety of different calculators. The steps are arranged by topic as opposed to being arranged by calculator. One online source that is helpful for those of you with graphing calculator issues can be found on the Prentice Hall website at http://www.prenhall.com/divisions/esm/app/calc_v2/ .

Topic 1 - Combinations and Permutations

Topic 2 - Random Number Generators

Topic 3 - Means and Standard Deviations

Topic 4 - Correlation, Slopes, and Intercepts

Topic 5 - Normal Distributions

Image References

Random Digit Table http://uwsp.edu/math

Normal Distribution Table http://www.regentsprep.org

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Jun 25, 2012

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Jul 30, 2013
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