Coming from Braingenie? We’ve got you covered.

Coming from Braingenie? We’ve got you covered.

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Making the Transition

How do the Braingenie™ skills map to CK-12’s FlexBooks®?

Braingenie™ students can explore Math and Science subjects and concepts and gain different “skills” by doing practice problems.

  • Math

  • Science

  • Specific Skills


CK-12 has FlexBooks® for every Braingenie™ subject and more! FlexBooks® make it easy to learn any subject. On CK-12, students can find fun interactives, videos, practice, and more all in one place!





Specific Skills

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Video Explanations


A Student Tutor

A tutor can play an important role in the learning journey of a student. As not every one has access to a tutor, we have been working hard at CK-12 to provide an AI-based tutor for every student.

Learn your own way!

We understand that all students are unique and have different ways of learning. CK-12 offers resources that cater to each student’s learning style. Students can access FlexBooks®, videos, interactives, study guides, and more all on their desktop, tablet, or phone.


We’re raising the bar with interactive learning activities and practice that adapts to individual student performance. CK-12 Simulations and PLIX immerse students in an interactive learning experience using real world context combined with math or science content.


Can I browse CK-12 on an iPad?

Yes! Our FlexBook® 2.0s are easily viewable on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Are there multiplayer games?

While CK-12 doesn’t have multiplayer activities for students, there are over a thousand interactive modalities that engage students, encouraging them to learn by doing. You can browse CK-12 Simulations here and PLIX here.

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