Want to reimagine student learning? Get started on CK-12 today.

Want to reimagine student learning? Get started on CK-12 today.

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Explore how Braingenie™ skills map to CK-12 FlexBooks®

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Making the Transition

How do the Braingenie™ skills map to CK-12 FlexBooks®?

Braingenie™ students can explore Math and Science subjects and concepts and gain different “skills” by doing practice problems.

  • Math

  • Science

  • Specific Skills

K-12 FlexBooks®

CK-12 offers content that is more engaging, multi-modal, and aligned with state and Common Core standards. FlexBooks® cover thousands of STEM concepts with multiple ways to introduce them to your students.


Standards Aligned


Fully Customizable



Specific Skills

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Video Explanations


How does Braingenie Practice map to CK-12 Adaptive Practice?

Braingenie gives students quick practice problems to reinforce and improve their skills on Math and Science subjects.

  • Show Solution

  • Video Explanation

Adaptive Practice

CK-12 Adaptive Practice focuses on skill building and solving problems related to a concept. Helpful resources and recommendations are provided for those struggling with any given concept.

Show Solution

Relevant Modalities

Video Explanations

Student Tutor


Tips & Reminders

How do Braingenie™ Reports map to CK-12 Reports?

Braingenie™ reports can display what skills are gained and how long students take to complete assignments.

  • View Student Progress

  • View Class Progress

Reports & Insights

CK-12’s automatic grading & reporting system lets you organize your students into a digital classroom and can display patterns that reflect student and class performance. We surface actionable Insights so that you can discover the opportunity-areas of every student.

View Student Progress

Actionable Insights

View Class Progress


How can I manage my classes on CK-12?

On Braingenie, teachers can create a class and add students by uploading a class roster or inviting via email or class code.

  • Class Creation

  • Roster Upload

  • Email Invitation

  • Class Code

Class Management

Teachers on CK-12 can create a class and add students in the same way as Braingenie™. If your class is on an integrated LMS, we make it a breeze for you to assign content to or within those platforms.

Class Creation

Email Invitation

Roster Upload

Class Code

LMS Integration

And More!

A Teacher Assistant

CK-12’s free Teacher Assistant can help uncover student learning gaps and opportunity areas so that you can save time and improve student outcomes.

Learn your own way!

We understand that all students are unique and have different paces for learning. CK-12 offers learning material that caters to any student’s learning style. Students can access FlexBooks®, videos, interactives, study guides, and more all on their desktop, tablet, or phone.


We’re raising the bar with interactive learning activities and practice that adapts to individual student performance. CK-12 Simulations and PLIX immerse students in an interactive learning experience using real world context combined with math or science content.


Are CK-12 FlexBooks® aligned with NGSS & Common Core standards?

Yes! All Math and Science FlexBooks® are standards aligned. We can help you find CK-12 content that is aligned to these standards and make it available to your classes.

If my students are under 13 years of age, can they still sign up?

If students under 13 do not yet have a CK-12 account set up by a parent or teacher, then you can create one for them using our Classes functionality. You can learn how to do that here.

Does CK-12 support multiplayer games and challenges for students?

While we don’t have multiplayer activities for students, there are over a thousand interactive modalities that engage students, encouraging them to learn by doing. You can browse CK-12 Simulations here and PLIX here.

Not all of my students have a working desktop. How can I accommodate them?

Our FlexBook® 2.0s are easily viewable on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Have other questions? Email us at support@ck12.org.