CK-12 Guide to Remote Learning

CK-12 has all of the tools and content to help you run your classroom or learn remotely. If you already have a digital classroom with an LMS, you can effortlessly assign our content to your students. Explore our many guides, webinars, K-12 resources, and much more to build an intelligent, automated system for yourself.

Getting Started

Get your remote classroom up and running in 3 simple steps.

1. Create or Connect a Class

Create a CK-12 class or connect your existing LMS.

2. Find Your FlexBook®

Whichever K-12 subject you are teaching, we have a FlexBook® that covers it.

3. Assign to Students

Once you’ve found your subject matter, you can assign entire units, or just a single lesson, right from the content page.

FREE Resources for Remote Learning

Besides our FlexBooks®, CK-12 offers other ways to find content for your students. Explore some of them below!

Take a Deeper Dive

Explore walk-throughs on FlexBooks®, LMS integrations, assignments, classrooms, and more!

Connect with CK-12

Connect with CK-12 and see how users around the world are using our platform!

Begin Your Remote Journey with CK-12!
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