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I really like having my social studies textbook on-line because it is all in one place. I also like that I don't have to carry around a five pound book! I enjoy having access to different links and websites that are in the textbook. The online text gives me a variety of references and helps me become more interested in a specific topic. I like that on Ck-12 I am able to highlight important facts in the textbook and even post notes for information that I need to remember. I really prefer online textbooks over the hardback textbooks.
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CK-12 allows me to learn by doing which is much more enjoyable than just reading a textbook. I actually look forward to using the PLIX and SIMS when I need to study and my test scores have gone up!
CK-12 is a great way to learn online. It is very interactive. Kids can watch videos, listen to audio, look at slide presentations, and so much more! One really good thing about it is that you can highlight important passages. I believe kids these days can be engaged in work online. In conclusion, CK-12 is a great learning tool with many great features.
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