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Energy Conservation

Study Tip
Energy conservation is like saving money: you want to be making more than what you’re spending.

Energy Conservation

  • The benefits of conserving energy include reducing costs, ensuring that non-renewable resources last longer, and reducing political and environmental impacts.
  • The two major ways to conserve energy are to use less energy, and to use energy more efficiently.
Study Tip
Energy conservation is like saving money: you want to be making more than what you’re spending.
Study Tip
The same way a person may cast a shadow over another person when they stand under the sun, planets or celestial bodies that have aligned themselves cast shadows over one another as well.

Ways to Conserve Energy

Where Energy is Used
How We Can Use Less Energy
How We Can Use Energy More Efficiently
Ride a bike or walk instead of taking a car.
Reduce the number of trips you make.
Use public transportation and mass transit.
Increase fuel efficiency in cars.
Buy and drive smaller cars.
Build cars from lighter and stronger materials.
Drive at speeds at or below 90 kilometers per hour (55 miles per hour).
Turn off lights when not in a room.
Only run appliances when necessary
Unplug appliances when not in use.
Wear a sweater instead of turning up heat.
Use fans instead of turning down air conditioner.
Engage in activities that do not involve electronics.
Rely on sunlight instead of artificial light.
Replace old appliances with newer more efficient models.
Insulate your home.
Make sure windows and doors are well sealed.
Use LED bulbs if available, or compact fluorescent light bulbs (and dispose of properly!).
Recycle materials like soda cans and steel.
Reduce use of plastic, paper, and metal materials.
Practice conservation in factories.
Reuse materials.
Design equipment to be more efficient.
Commercial (businesses, shopping areas, etc.)
Turn off appliances and equipment when not in use.
Use fluorescent lighting.
Set thermostats to automatically turn off heat or air Conditioning when buildings are closed.
Concept Check
  • What are some things you can do to conserve energy? Why is conserving energy important?